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Plugstreet Memorial to the Missing

Nearby can be found two important war cemeteries facing each other on either sides of the man road. The smaller of the two is known as Hyde Park corner, one of many London place names dotted about this section of the front. Across the road, guarded by two majestic stone lions – one calm, the other aggressive – is the Royal Berkshire Cemetery Extenssion, which contains the Memorial to the Missing. This graceful circular structure, opened in 1931, is devoted to those who lost their lives in action between Warneton and the Estines, but whose bodies have never been recovered. The marble is engraved with the  names of the 11447 officers and men of the forces of the British Empire whose names are here recorded but to whom the fortune of war denied the known and honoured burial given to their comrades in death. On the first Friday of every month the Last Post is sounded at 7pm. memorial

Location: Rue de Messines, 7782 Ploegsteert - Belgium

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