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Familiy holidays - Walibi & Aqualibi Theme Park

The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

For all those who suffer from that strange compulsion to scare themselves out of their wits, Walibi adventure park (located just south-east of Brussels), the largest in Belgium and Wallonia’s No 1 tourist attraction, has everything they need.

The rollercoasters and slides seem to get more hair-raising every year, and visiting the park as a casual observer is probably very similar to attending a Beatles concert in the 60s – all you can hear are screaming teenagers.

If you have the courage, take your pick from a runaway train in Calamity Mine; a car that takes a sudden backward plunge into a stream; 600 metres of white water rafting; the Werewolf rollercoaster ride that’s nearly a mile long, or a 77-metre free fall on the Dalton Terror that might well disturb the contents of your stomach. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


Half-a-dozen hotels are located within 5km of the park which offer special all-in deals for access to the parc and accommodation.

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