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Have you ever heard about Spirou?

Created on 21 April 1938 to enliven the pages of the weekly children’s comic launched by the publishing house Dupuis, the Spirou character is one of the most emblematic characters of the European comic strip. He is one of the few characters who belong to their publisher rather than their creator. As such, Spirou has never stopped evolving over the first three-quarters of a century of his existence, however his red uniform as a bellhop at the Moustic Hotel has most contributed to make him famous. From Rob-Vel, Jijé and Franquin to Yoann and Vehlmann, Schwartz and Emile Bravo in the 21st century, the score of writers who have endeavoured to recount his adventures have constantly developed the character of Spirou and his entourage.

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Belgian Comic Strip - the best of the 9th art

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Belgian Comic Strip: the best of the 9th Art
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