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The Biercée's Distellerie


In the UK we tend to associate distilleries with making whisky.

In Wallonia a rather different image springs to mind – or at least it does at the Distillerie de Biercée in Thuin where staple ingredients include raspberries, cherries and even celery!

The company has specialised in producing fruit brandies and liqueurs for more than 50 years - placing great store on quality by carefully choosing the freshest fruit. This comes from a variety of places including lemons from Spain, pears from Switzerland and blue plums from the Dordogne.  None of the drinks contain any synthetic flavourings, colourings, preservatives or additives.

Distillerie de Biercée’s trade-name product is the lemon-based L’Eau de Villée which is particularly popular with Belgian women and is recommended to be served well-chilled.

The company’s fruit liqueurs include pear, plum and cherry while its brandies include ones based on orange and cocoa and another based on prunes. You can be sure there’s always a run on that!


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