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HERBA SANA, the garden of good health

A journey in search of natural health, right in the heart of Belgium’s Hautes Fagnes – High Fen, Nature Reserve.
Herba Sana, the garden of good health, can be found in the heart of the High Fen, an area situated within a nature reserve, a place where “nature” still rhymes with “pure”. Forming part of a two-hectare site, an area covering some 8.6000 square feet has been set aside for around 100 medicinal plants grouped together according to different themes and their usages, with 450 visitor information panels lining a sign-posted trail. Part of the area has been left wild, allowing visitors to see the extraordinary plant life that is so typical of the High Fens, a region that can be likened to the Scottish Highlands and where a number of endangered species are happily protected. There are many reasons behind the existence of this garden of good health. A place for raising public awareness of the diversity and richness of the plant world, of all its strengths and its fragility, it also opens a door to the magical and fascinating field of herbal medicine, offering an educational, scientific and entirely rational approach to the subject. 

The garden includes a protected area (13.000 sq. f.) that provides a haven for wild flora typical of the High Fens habitat. Take a stroll along the duckboard walkway and discover the area’s 80 identified species. 
Guided tours available (also available in English, by appointment)
INFO: Tel. +32(0)80-44 00 55 - infovisit@ortis.com  
HERBA SANA - The Health Garden – Hinter der Heck 46 - B-4750 Elsenborn, Belgium.
Open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5p.m., from 1 June to 30 September. Herba Sana also operates a token system allowing access outside opening hours. Tokens must be purchased beforehand.

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