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Bastogne War Museum

The Bastogne War Museum opened in March 22, 2014. This brand new museum is dedicated to the remembrance of the Second World War and especially the events that occured in the Belgian Ardennes during that period of time. 

The Museum is a striking piece of architecture displaying numerous artefacts from the Ardennes offensive. The visitors are given a full description of the context of the battle and its causes. The meaning and consequences of the Second World War as a whole are also retold and illustrated. This vast place is packed with hi-tech, interactive displays and 3D projections.  The museum also tells you the story of the Battle of the Bulge from the perspective of two soldiers (one American, one German), of a local teacher and a teenager who lived through the onslaught that devastated their town. In one recreated scene, visitors will enter a dimly lit tavern to experience the heavy bombing of Bastogne over Christmas 1944. 

Join in for a unique journey to the past. 

For more information visit www.bastognewarmuseum.be

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