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Annual events

February - March

Several bonefires take place in the land of the Anlier forest, located between Neufchateau and Arlon. These local gatherings aim to celebrate the changing seasons


Amongst the many habits, a few festivals also mark the changing seasons each year in the Arlon region. The undisputed favourites are the Carnival half-way through Lent and the Maitrank Festival in May.  

The Carnival festivities are organised each year by a non-profit festival committee. They kick off with the awarding of the keys of the town to the Carnival Prince, who is elected from among the town’s young businessmen. During the Carnival, the Prince exercises absolute power in the town. On the day of the Carnival procession, a parade of floats representing local businesses, sports teams, youth groups, and other groups from the Gaume and three-frontiers districts makes its way through the town’s streets. 


On the fourth Sunday in May each year, the International Maitrank Show attracts thousands of visitors to the Place Léopold, at the heart of Arlon. They come to sing the praises of this divine local aperitif made of wine flavoured with sweet woodruff, an herb known locally as “Queen of the Woods”. The Maitrank festival has established itself as one of the major events of the year in Arlon.
Other notable festivities include Lent Beans Day, the St Donatus District’s Guild Festival, and the Enthroning Ceremony of the Knights of the Order of the Upper Town.


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