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Arlon Museum & Galleries

The Gallo-Roman Tower Museum
Towards the end of the third century AD, the Gallo-Romans living in Orolaunum (as Arlon was then known) decided to fortify the "Knipchen" (St Donatus’ hill) to defend it against attacks by the Germanic tribes. A total of around 20 towers were built along the ramparts, making Arlon a castrum (fort). Each tower was a little more than 800m in circumference and had walls around 4m thick and 8m tall. Imposing gates allowed access through the ramparts. Today, only one of these towers remains, and the Gallo-Roman Tower Museum displays its still-impressive remains. In the tower wall’s foundations, visitors can see many carved stones, including a superb low-relief panel depicting Neptune.

Visit is indoors and by appointment. Visitors can collect the key from the café “Le Dalby”, at 1, Rue du Marché au Beurre, 6700 Arlon.
Also worth a visit is the Gallo-Roman column, which depicts a god on horseback, which is in the pedestrianised Grand’Rue, a mere 50m from the tower.

For more information, please contact the Arlon and District Tourist Information Centre at
2, Rue des Faubourgs, 6700 Arlon. Tel: +32 (0)63 219 454,  info@arlon-tourisme.be
The Archaeological Museum
The Arlon Archaeological Museum holds one of the richest collections of artefacts in Belgium. There are many artefacts from the Gallo-Roman period, including no less than 425 sculptures, plus gravestones, pottery, jewellery, weapons and carved fragments. These give a detailed view of daily life in the Gallo-Roman era. It is a fabulous archaeological treasure which plunges visitors into the Arlon region’s ancient past.

Arlon Archaeological Museum, 13, Rue des Martyrs, 6700 Arlon, Belgium.

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm. Open on Sundays and Public Holidays (from Easter until the Heritage Open Doors Weekend in September) from 1.30pm to 5.30pm. Closed on Mondays and on 27 September, 1 & 11 November and during the Christmas & New Year school holidays.

The Gaspar Museum
Come and discover the animal sculptures created by the Arlon-born sculptor Jean-Marie Gaspar. His major works include The Call of the Forest, The Ardennes Draught Horse, The Elephants and the Jass Memorial in front of the town hall, which commemorates Belgian soldiers killed in action.
Visitors can also visit the sculptor’s former home to admire his huge collection of artwork, which includes earthenware pottery, paintings and furniture that were used to decorate home interiors over the last 300 years.

Gaspar Museum, 16, Rue des Martyrs, 6700 Arlon, Belgium.

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30am to 12 noon and from 1.30pm to 5.30pm.
Open on Sundays and Public Holidays from Easter to the Heritage Open Doors Weekend in September from 1.30pm to 5.30pm.
Visitors may use the car park in the courtyard of the Archaeological Museum.
The museum is accessible by reduced-mobility visitors.

The Museum of Autelbas
Between the 8th century and the 10th century, potters were settled in the valley of Altare, who became Autelbas. They created, in over 10 hectares, an industry whose products were used in the region but also exported. Excavations have unearthed kilns and habitat structures that are now presented in the museum. A video describes the work of the potter in the Carolingian period. A non-profit organization is dedicated to the further stabilization of the ruins of the primitive castle of Autelbas. The history of the castle is also recalled in this museum.

Rue Am-Eck, 26 – 6706 Autelbas (Arlon) - Tel: 0032 63 23 46 39
Open from 1st Mai to 30 September.
Siege du GRASB/Musee d’Autelbas asbl – Rue du Rhin, 56 - 6700 Arlon

The international scouting Museum
In a 150 square meters exhibition, discover a large variety of objects relating to Belgian and international scouting since the creation of the movement in 1907. Evocation of Baden-Powell, and the former king of Belgium Baudouin, and also posters, comics strip, woodcrafts.
Rue du Maitrank, 49 - 6700 Bonnert (Arlon) Tel : 0032 63 22 15 53
Leave Arlon by the road N4 and take the direction of Martelange, and then head towards Bonnert (follow signposting)

Open Saturday and Sunday from  2.15 pm to 5.15 pm (From June to September)


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