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Back to the mythical world of... old-timer cars!

Back to the mythical world of... old-timer cars!

A large variety of events can be organised making use of old-timers, both in Belgium and its neighbouring countries, ranging from half a day to several days.

A lot of activities can be successfully combined with the concept of old-timers: cultural visits, golfing events, gastronomic discoveries...

Based on this mythical and exclusive concept, we create a tailor-made event for you. We make sure to adapt it completely to your expectations in perfect harmony with the image that you wish to communicate.
Make your clients' old dream come true!

Example of a typical formula: an old-timer rally with Road Book: Drive along the most picturesque country lanes following a Road Book, and welcome your guests in some charming places, which we select especially for your event.

All the participants enjoy an exceptional day: the driver experiences the pleasure of driving an old-timer and the co-pilot enjoys the navigation game offered by the Road Book.

The trips include ideal moments of relaxation in a secluded place for all participants.
At the end of the day, the itinerary brings the guests to a charming spot, where a glass of champagne is offered amidst all old-timers.

Finally a gastronomic dinner tops off this unique event, which will be remembered for a long time, both by yourself and your guests!

List of old-timers: Jaguar Type E; Alfa Romeo Giulleta Spider; Austin Healey 3000; Porsche 356 SC; Porsche 356 Racing; Triumph TR3; MGB; Mini Cooper S; Austin Healey MK 1; Lotus Seven; Jaguar MK2; Alpine A310 V6; Triumph TR5; Morgan 4/4; Lotus Elan.


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