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Bouillon - Main tourist attractions

The main attractions are the medieval castle, the Archeoscope and the Ducal Museum.

We suggest that you visit the Archeoscope to start with, as it helps to understand the history of the castle and make its visit all the more interesting. The Archeoscope consists of an educational light and sound show dramatically explaining the early days of the settlement and its castle and the history leading to the Crusade. It also has interesting exhibitions, one of which shows a scale model of all the fortified castles of the region, on both sides of the French- Belgian border (Bouillon is only a stone-through from France).

The Ducal Museum is quite exceptional and seduces by the richness of its collections and the charm of the listed 16 th and 17 th century buildings, which house them.

Three sections offer a vast panorama of Bouillon's rich history, from the Crusades to modern times.

Guided visits in English are available at the castle. However a guidebook in English can also be obtained for approximately 50p. at the ticket office for those who prefer to visit on their own.

Le Marché de Nathalie is the only place where beer is brewed in Bouillon. That is not its only originality of course. The brewery is situated in a shop that sells over 300 different types of Belgian beers of which three are brewed on the spot: Cuvée de Bouillon – Bouillonnaise and Médiévale. 22, Grand Rue.

Bouillon in itself is a major attraction but it is also the centre of a beautifully wooded and hilly region and the typical villages all along the Semois display a particular charm that should not be missed.

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