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Chateau de Sept Fontaines

The club nestles in a private 250 acre park consisting of woods and rolling meadows where players often see deers, hares and birds that roam and fly about freely here. The fairways of the various courses are laid out around the welcoming and comfortable clubhouse, formerly a castle.

This complex just outside Brussels has two different 18 hole courses: Le chateau and La Foret, plus a 9 hole course known as Le Parc.
At Le chateau on plays among the trees or in open areas, where as La Foret is much more ondulating. Le Parc, as its name suggests, will lead you to discover every nook and cranny of the castle's park.

The 7 Fontaines Golf Club has a heated swimming pool and a gourmet restaurant in its clubhouse located in the Chateau de l'Hermitte.

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