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Durbuy - Main tourist attractions

It is the town itself with its shops, cafés and eating places set in narrow flowered and cobbled streets lined by old stone houses which forms the key attraction of this town. A walk through the old town is a must for every visitor. The Topiary Park (see below) also merits a visit. There's also the short train ride to the top of the Belvedere where you can enjoy the view or visit the local jam factory.

The Topiary Park: The smallest town on earth ironically boasts the largest topiary park anywhere! With over 30.000 square feet of some 250 clipped box trees on display, the park is an impressive sight. A large variety of figures have been created, including animal and human forms.

The Belvedere is a vantage point (with good photo opportunities) high above Durbuy at the top of the cliff face behind the town. There is a magnificent view over the town and of the valley of the River Ourthe.

The Confiturerie Saint-Amour is a jam factory open to the public where you can still see the jam being hand-stirred in large copper basins. The visit is free. The final product can be purchased in the factory shop, which also sells other foods from the surrounding area. The Tourist Road-Train is the best way to visit both the Belvedere and Saint-Amour jam factory. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can walk the steep climb up the hill. The journey takes about 30 minutes and includes a trip around town before the train makes the climb up the hill.

Durbuy sightseeing train: Get on the tourist train and relax while being driven throughout Durbuy’s beautiful landscape. The tourist train will stop for a while at one of the town’s beautiful view points. There, take the time to contemplate the town and its magnificent green surroundings. 

Opening hours: weekends and bank holidays from Easter to the end of October.                                 Group upon reservation.                                                                                                               For info & booking please contact Mister Spissinger: spissinger.ge@belgacom.net 

Visiting the Craftsman’s brewery (La Ferme au Chêne)

The Marckloff micro brewery was created in 1989 and opted from the beginning to produce its beers according to a 14th century brewing method. Being a micro brewery, the Marckloff sells its products in a short circuit, that is to say straight from the brewery to the bar. Come and taste this refreshing amber beer typical of Durbuy. And In addition to the educative and enjoyable moment that you will spend here, the good thing is that the place is free admission.

Location: Rue Comte Théodule d'Ursel 36 - 6940 DURBUY                                                           Email: la.ferme.au.chene@skynet.be    

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