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Folklore and street parties in Wallonia

Carnaval of Binche
Binche (Province of Hainaut) - From 26-02-2017 To 28-02-2017

The most famous and one of the best of Wallonia’s carnival, with some 900 men in glorious costumes throwing oranges at the crowd. Recognised in 2003 by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the oral and immaterial patrimony of humanity.
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The Great Bonfire of Bouge
Bouge (Province of Namur) - From 05-03-2017 To 05-03-2017

The country’s most spectacular bonfire that takes place every year on the first Sunday of Lent in a celebration that dates back 1000 years. Fireworks at 7:30 pm.
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515th Carnaval du Laetare, Stavelot
Stavelot (Province of Liège) - From 25-03-2017 To 27-03-2017

Mid-Lent Carnival with hundreds of “Blanc Moussis” (White Brethren) clad in white masks with long red noses, confetti firing canons and a grand procession at 2 pm
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Carnaval of the Bears
Andenne (Province of Namur) - From 26-03-2017 To 26-03-2017

A carnival celebrating the victory of Charles “The Hammer” Martel, Duke and Prince of the Franks, who at the age of 9 it is claimed, killed a large bear that once terrorised the town of Andenne. Celebrations end with the throwing of stuffed teddy bears from the balcony of the Town Hall by the King and Queen of the carnival!
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141st Cavalcade in Herve
Herve (Province of Liège) - From 17-04-2017 To 17-04-2017

Yearly on Easter Monday. One of the most sumptuous processions of the province (departs at 14:30 pm) with brass bands, processions on horseback, and 30 floats pulled by Belgian draught horses. Includes a fireworks display in the evening.
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T-Man Roller Bike Parade -Next edition June 2017
Brussels & Wallonia - From 00-06-2017 To 00-09-2017

The T-Man Roller Bike Parade treks enable you to roam the streets of 8 cities in Belgium for 4 months in the summer. Whether it be rollerblading, cycling, scooter-ing, or any other mode of wheels you may choose!
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The Ducasse de Mons and the Doudou
Mons (Province of Hainaut) - From 11-06-2017 To 11-06-2017

The Procession of the Golden Carriage and the “Lumecon” Battle in Mons, a re-enactment of the Slaying of the dragon by St Georges, is one of the oldest festivals of Wallonia. It is inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
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Beltaine Fires Gallic Celebrations
Aubechies (Province of Hainaut) - From 24-06-2017 To 25-06-2017

Held on the famous Aubechies archeosite this yearly event celebrates the summer solstice with traditional and Celtic music, beer tastings, arts and crafts and fireworks.
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The Sabbath of the “Macralles” & the Blueberry Festival
Vielsam (Eastern Cantons) - From 21-07-2017 To 21-07-2017

Every year on 21 July, on the day following the Macralles (witches) Sabbath, the little town of Vielsalm celebrates the blueberry festival.
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International Bathtub Regatta, Dinant
Dinant (Province of Namur) - From 15-08-2017 To 15-08-2017

Surely the wackiest and most entertaining boat race on earth with over 250 participants in a flotilla of original vessels made out of at least one bathtub racing down the river Meuse. Strictly no deliberate sinking of opponents allowed!
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August 15 Festival at Outremeuse
Outremeuse - From 15-08-2017 To 15-08-2017

One of the liveliest and most vibrant street parties in the Liège region, and a major event in the Outremeuse district of the "fiery city". Takes place every year on 15 August.
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International Festival of Street Artists
Chassepierre (Province of Namur) - From 19-08-2017 To 20-08-2017

44th edition of this lively and colourful event which takes over the town of Chassepierre during two days of street entertainment, theatre, music and puppetry.
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Ducasse of Ath
Ath (Province of Hainaut) - From 27-08-2017 To 27-08-2017

Thousands of people take part in this ceremony dating back to the 15th century. A folkloric procession of giants and 20th century style floats takes place over two days, culminating in a hot air balloon festival on Sunday. The Giants from Ath have been recognized as oral and intangible heritage of humanity by the UNESCO.
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