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Familiy holidays - Caves of Han

Caves of Han- treasures under the earth

One the most unusual family attractions in Wallonia is the Domain of the Grottoes of Han in the province of Namur www.grotte-de-han.be which has some of the largest grottoes in Western Europe.

Discovered 200 years ago and extending for some 8kms, the caves are a series of limestone galleries, carved out by the river Lesse millions of years ago. The largest of them, the Salle du Dome, 20m high and 145m long, contains a small lake inside.

The Grottoes of Han can be approached by an old panoramic train from the centre of the village or on foot, through 3km of increasingly beautiful chambers and passages. Attractions also include a Museum of the Subterreanean World, with a prestigious collection of archaeological remains found mainly in the bed of the underground river Lesse. Tools, weapons and jewellery from the Bronze Age and Neolithic Period are among the finds.

Above ground, a coach takes you through the Han Wildlife Reserve, featuring animals that once lived in the forests of the Ardennes in prehistoric times, such as wolves, bear and bison, as well as more unusual imports: the pottok, small wild horses from the Basque country, and Poitou donkeys.

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