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Family Holidays - Rail Biking

Biking on rails: it is not an activity we do in the UK - well not legally at least - but wouldn't pedalling along railway lines be fun ?

Just sit back comfortably on a purpose-built open wagon and pedal your way along the railway track.

Oncoming trains ? Both the tracks used for the purpose are out of service.

Where to try it out ?

Either along 4km of track alongside the picturesque Molignee river in Dinant area (www.draisine.be) or in the Hautes Fagnes (www.railbike.be) where you pedal for about 7 km from one station to another with two in the front doing the hard work, and two in the back admiring the scenery.

The back seats, incidentally, can be removed to allow wheelchair-users to enjoy the ride.

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