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Interesting ideas for groups

Some ideas for chateaux, castles…? The Castle of Beloeil stands behind its moats and gardens for the last eight centuries. This vast stately home of the Princes de Ligne began life as a medieval fortress; over the course of centuries it has been transformed into a country home. The works of art that it houses bear witness, by their very variety, to the changes of time. The books in its library show how printing developed from its origins to the present days. The furniture is a selection of the work of the finest French cabinetmakers of the 17th and 18th Century. The paintings depict most members of the family who occupied the premises and record important events of their lives. The finest French-style gardens date from the 17th Century. They were designed and created by the ten generations spanning the years 1515 to 1780. The French-style garden measures 25 hectares.




More ?


· The beautiful Chateau d’Acoz with its excellent Gallerie d’Antiquites, The Kyoto Gallery, is truly worth a visit.

· Chateau d'Ecaussines (Still marked with medieval austerity, this historical monument keeps alive the memory of the big families who lived here, the Lailaings, the Croys and the Van der Burchs.)

· Chateau d’Enghien (+ visit the Tapestry Museum in the old restored dungeon)

· Chateau de Chimay (+ visit trapist beer bottling)

· Chateau d’Attre

· Seneffe Castle



More ?Chateau de Modave is situated on a rock in the middle of a nature reserve of 450 ha and has about twenty richly decorated and furnished rooms. Astonishing stucco and 17th century tapestries, table laid with faience from Gien and 19th century Val-St-Lambert crystal. Music evenings - Theatre plays in July - Christmas decoration. But also the castles of Reinhardstein, of Jehay, Rarean, Veves, Freyr, Lavaux St Anne…









ModaveJehayChimayLavaux Ste AnneReinhardsteinSeneffe

Would you like to combine with some gardens?


Visit the most beautiful water garden in Belgium: “ Jardins d’Annevoie ”. Designed and laid out between 1758 and 1776 by Charles de Montpellier, the gardens are an authentic historical record, and above all, a living work of art. Recommended to combine with visits to The Castle and Gardens Of Freyr , Chateau de Veves , Chateau de Lavaux St Anne (popular for its tower and 15th Century ramparts, its inner façade Louis XIII style).

Annevoie Water GardensAnnevoie Water Gardens





Or maybe with a tasty beverage?



Biercee DistilleryThe Biercée Distillery , the most important distillery of brandies and fruit liqueurs in Belgium. No colorants or preservatives are used. Come and discover some of the Biercée Distillery’s secret and share their passion. How do 10 kilograms of fruits become a bottle of brandy or liqueur? You will re-live more than half a century of traditional know-how, hone your senses, see the distillery at work, and then enjoy a tasting in the " Grange des Belges " (Belgian Barn).




Visit “ La Brasserie Des Fagnes ”, a renowned microbrewery. This unique attraction comprises an 18th Century brewery, a modern brewery in operation and a big chamber where you can taste the beers produced here. The museum takes you back to the beginning of the century when small breweries played a large part in village life. Ideal to combine with a stay in Dinant.

Du Bocq Brewery

Come and discover, at the gates of the Ardennes, in a marvellous small touristic village in the valley of the Bocq, the tradition of a brewery founded in 1858 by the Belot family. Guided tours are organized by professional guides and followed by a taste of the products.


More ?

Caracole / Floreffe Abbey / St Feuillien / Dubuisson / Steam Brewery / Binchoise Brewery / Val de Sambre / Union Brewery / Ecausinnes / Silly / Dupont /Levèbvre/Friart….


You can also include some attractions…

  • The Han Caves (Domaine Des Grottes de Han):these caves thoroughly deserve their 3 star rating in the Michelin guide. Enter aboard a 100 year old tram, multilingual guided tours, sound and light show and boat excursion on the underground river. Also visit the museum and animal reserve and discover some of the major species of European animals still alive or which have lived here in the past.
  • Blegny (Liege) : visit a real Coal Mine in an exceptional setting, visitors learn about the work and culture of the miners and gain an insight into their harsh lives. Following a short film you descend 60 metres underground and look at how coal was cut. Everything is authentic. The second stage consists of a tour of the mine museum, which tells the entire story of mining through its particularly rich and diverse collection of objects.
  • Chocolate Jacques(Eupen): g et familiar with the history of chocolate by visiting the museum which traces the cocoa culture, its use in chocolate making and its history through the past centuries. Visitors can watch the workers from a footbridge over the production line in this way respecting the quality and hygiene norms imposed in the foodstuff sector.
  • Villers Abbey: s troll through the ruins of one of the nicest architectural sites in Europe. After your visit you can go to the Auberge Du Moulin to taste some of the specialities of the region.
  • Collegiale Church of Sainte Gertrude (Nivelles)
  • Abbey of Stavelot: close to the F1 racing track, you can admire the Stavelot Abbey completely restored and which contains several museums.
  • Strépy-Thieu boatlift : remarkable piece of engineering achievement,the funicular barge elevator (river cruises information available).
  • Paradiso : more than 300 species of birds can be admired in europe’s largest aviary, the Nautilus an aquarium set in a 19th century chateau, display of eagles & falcons in the ruins of an ancient abbey.
  • MAC (Museum for Contemporary Art) is a must for art lovers and heritage enthusiasts.
  • Walibi Theme Park (biggest park in Belgium)
  • Steam Railways : discover the region on board a steam train and visit their museum before sampling a local beer at the Super des Fagnes brewery.

    Stavelot AbbeyCaves Han Sur Lesse

How about a cruise ?

Cruise on river meuse ? Why not discover this beautiful region on boat — have lunch — a stop over to visit chateau de Freyr, visit the Water gardens of Annevoie ?

Meuse River Cruise

You want to add a bit of an alternative city?


The Tourist Office offers various city tours to help discover the first capital city of the western world. English city at the time of King Henry VIII, this 2000 old city of art invites you to discover its treasures, traditions and gastronomy. Some ideas for tours in Tournai : The 'discovery' tour, the tapestry tour, the 'Horta - Art Nouveau' tour, the 'Culture and tasting of local products' tour, the 'British Tournai' tour, the 'UNESCO World Heritage' tour, the Belgian beer tour…
TournaiTournai Grand Place


A town of old streets, ancient gothic facades, buildings of major heritage, museums housing art (Van Gogh house), the collegial St Waudru (15th century church and home to the Car d’Or, a gilded chariot dating 1780) and a cuisine enhanced by the local beers.

Mons is also the place where the first and last British soldiers fell for freedom. 230 of the British servicemen who died in Mons are buried in St Symphorien Military Cemetery, including the first and last soldiers to be killed on the western front.
St Waudru CathedralMons Grand Place

— Captial of Wallonia

40 miles south of Brussels, Namur is the gateway to the Belgian Ardennes. You could start with a visit to the citadel where you can visit the underground galleries, artillery museum and the Guy Delforge Perfumery. After lunch, a guided walking tour of ancient Namur and a visit to one of its museum (Feliciens Rops, Groesbeeck de Croix, Anciens arts…).
Namur Citadelle



40 miles south of Namur — famous for being the birthplace of Adolphe Sax (who was the instrument’s inventor) — you can also climb up the 408 steps leading to the cliff-front citadel that affords magnificent views of the Meuse river below (you can also take a cable car).
Dinant CitadelleDinant Regatte



Medieval Durbuy

Durbuy is known officially as the smallest town in the world. The area is a paradise for people who desire a healthy holiday experience, combined with the most refined local gastronomy. The midweek availability guarantees incredibly good value, as the town can get crowded at weekends. Take time to visit the topiary park, or the local brewery (Marckloff).
Topiary Park


One of the Ardennes premier resort towns, Bouillon houses its very own Chateau, which is Belgian’s finest feudal castle and commands great views of the surrounding landscapes. Flanked on both sides by the semois river, a fortress has existed here since the 8th century and you can take a torchlit tour at night! In the summer months the castle is home to a small contingent of birds of prey.
Bouillon Castle



La Roche en Ardenne

The most popular town in the Ourthe valley, it lies in a meander of the river dominated by the ruins of a medieval castle (9th Century). This one is illuminated during summer period.
La Roche Castle by night

Liege - “The Fiery City”

Wallonia’s largest city, Liège is situated east of Brussels. Its old districts invite you to stroll amongst them and discover the historic heart of a city enriched by its thousand year past and its museums & cathedral or to rummage in its famous Sunday market (La Batte) on the banks of the river Meuse.

Discover the city by wandering through its pedestrian street flanked with luxury shops and specialist stores, on a mini cruise on the river Meuse or simply visit some of its many museums.

On the terraces of the cafés, in the traditionally styled taverns, in the student’s bistros, everywhere the atmosphere is convivial and engaging.
Liege - Montagne de BurenneLiege Place Cathedrale



Spa Town — Pearl of the Ardennes

This is the famous spa town, which has been visited by the greatest names in history since the 17th Century. It boasts a fine assortment of “pouhons”, fountains and other springs. Walks, thermal baths, parks, museums and much more to delight any visitor. Moreover, the area has the advantage of a high quality natural environment of wild beauty - the wooded Haute Ardenne area.
Spa Pouhon SourceSpa Thermes




Interested in history? Battlefields?

Waterloo - In the Boots of the Duke of Wellington

Visit the Wellington museum, a guided tour of the battlefield, the visitor’s centre, and Lion Mound. Enjoy a 3-course meal at Bivouac De L’Empereur and a short tour of the monuments. Visit the Panorama building, the wax museum and Napoleons last headquarters.
Lion Mount - WaterlooWaterloo

The Batt
tle of the Bulge

This trip follows the footsteps of the British Soldiers in WW2 when they returned to liberate the Belgian Ardennes for the second time. View one of the rare “Enigma” coding machine and a collection of photographs, uniforms and vehicles (WWII museum in La Roche en Ardennes).

Visit the Commonwealth Military Cemetery in Hotton where 666 people have been laid to rest in peacefull surroundings.
Snow Condition Winter 44 - Bastogne area
Bastogne: the Mardasson monument & its museum (Bastogne Historical Centre where you feel the atrocious weather conditions in December 44 when the Germans launched their final offensive) and several monuments in the area.


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Twice in a quarter of a century the province of Liege had the doubtful honour to be on the front line of major clashes. Fortresses were built at the end of the 19th century, these suffered sustained assaults in August 1914. They were then strengthened and rearmed only to suffer again in May 1940. Now you can visit ten of them (Eben-Emael, Barchon,Embourg,Lantin, Battice,....

Your clients want to play golf?

With over 20 top quality courses in a variety of beautiful settings and charming locations, Wallonia, is fast becoming increasingly popular as an alternative and excellent value for money short break golfing destination that appeals to all levels of golfers and is easily accessible by air, car, rail and sea. In the western side of Wallonia lie three of the most beautiful Royal Golf Clubs in Europe, while the eastern side of Southern Belgium is home to courses such as the Gary Player-designed Five Nations Golf Club, the challenging Henri-Chapelle Golf & Country Club, set in a magnificent valley close to the German border, the renowned Blue Green Golf Club of Durbuy in the heart of the Ardennes, and The Royal golf club in Spa which ranks among Europe’s top 50 clubs.



Mont Garni Golf Club - Mons

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