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Liege - Not to be missed in the area

The Crystal works of Val Saint Lambert: In Seraing, just outside Liege, visit the world renowned manufacturor of hand-made crystal. Visitors can take a tour of the factory and will be shown the master glass-makers, the carvers and the crystal engravers all at work. At least 10 years of apprenticeship is required before these factory workers are let loose on this valuable product!

The Prehistoric Site of Ramioul: In Flemalle, one of Lieges' suburbs, the prehistoric site of Ramioul has become Wallonia's museum of prehistory. It is well worth spending an afternoon here.

The prehistoric village has been rebuilt and the visitor can touch and feel ancient tools and artefacts. You can try your talents at making tools out of stone, moulding clay pots or throwing lances. It's also possible to visit the caves of the areas earliest inhabitants, before huts were built and the villages developed.

Visits are led by local archaelogists, who explain the lives led here by our forefathers.
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