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Memorial & Military Tourism

In view of the special commemorations taking place in 2014 to mark the centenary of the outbreak of WW1, and of the 70th anniversaries of some of the events linked to WW2, this section will give you an insight of the events organized the next following months in Belgium.

Wallonia saw the very start of WW1, when the city of Liège was invaded by the Germans in August 1914. It also witnessed some of the fiercest battles of WW1, including the Battle of the Frontiers, and also the Battle of Mons, the first to pit the British army against the German invader. It was in Mons that the first British shot of the war was fired, and that the first and last British soldiers of the war lost their lives.

Wallonia was again the setting for fierce fighting during WW2 including lesser known battles like the Maquis de Graide between Belgian resistance fighters and the German occupier. 

Looking beyond, 2015 will commemorate 200 years since The Battle of Waterloo that ended in Wellington’s victory over Napoleon.  

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