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Memorial & Military Tourism - Waterloo

Waterloo - 2h20 from Calais

A day in Waterloo 1815is a day starting with the visit to the centre of the village of Waterloo, at the Wellington Museum, which was the Duke's headquarters.

5 Km south, you will see the famous Lion Mound, 120ft high, from the top of which one can overlook the battlefield of 18 June 1815. Who knows, maybe you will feel the presence of the ghosts who have haunted the place since then. At the foot of the mound, you will find the visitor's centre with its laser show and film, both of which will help you to better understand what happened.

The Panorama, next to the visitor's centre, is a circular building, which was built for the 100th anniversary of the battle. It houses a huge painting of the battle by the French painter Louis Demoulin. The painting completely encircles the inside walls of the centre, leaving the visitor standing in the middle of a very realistic three-dimensional battlefield. The panorama is itself a historic example of a military-related tourist attraction! Opposite the panorama building is the Wax Museum which features the main protagonists of the battle, made in 1949 by the Musee Grevin artists. 4 Km further you will find the Napoleon's HQ, at the ‘Ferme du Caillou'….

You can also jump on a truck that will take you on a journey of discovery through this historic battlefield. Tour last about 45 min.

Possibility of combined ticket - for more info on the site : www.waterloo1815.be


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Memorial Tourism Waterloo

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