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Mons - Not to be missed in the area

Van Gogh's house
Van Gogh lived in Cuesmes, a suburb of Mons, at n° 3 Rue du Pavillon in 1879 and 1880. An authentic and preserved environment, it now houses a permanent exhibition of reproductions and an audio-visual show in various languages.(EN, F, NL, D)

Paradiso Park  (Pairi Daiza)
This is certainly one of the Top 5 attractions of Wallonia.
The grounds of an ancient abbey have become a magnificent ornithological park where birds, flowers, age-old trees, mysterious ruins, the largest aviary in Europe and an enormous greenhouse (63000 sq.ft) will ravish your eyes.
Paradisio is fascinating for adults and children alike and makes a family outing to be remembered.

You will never forget walking into the huge aviary where birds fly about minding their own business (building nests, feeding their young…) not in the least perturbed by the humans. If it starts raining the open roof (protected by a net) will automatically close. The place is so large that it contains two eating places.
And do not miss a walk through the park on a nice day. Follow the path around the lake and observe all the aquatic birds in liberty or semi-liberty.  There are also seals and penguins and a magnificent aquarium.

Beloeil Castle 
One of the many castles of Belgium, the Château de Beloeil has been the home of the Princes de Ligne for 6 centuries. It contains an impressive collection of art from the 15th to the 19th C. including the famous library of over 20,000 books.
The 18th C. park (25 ha) is one of the most beautiful French gardens of Europe.
Each year in Spring, Beloeil castle hosts a flower show with 2,000 amaryllis and 600 orchids exhibited in the various rooms of the castle. www.chateaudebeloeil.com

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