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Museums & Galleries - La Roche-en-Ardenne

Museum of the Battle of the Ardennes
The museum describes the fundamental role played by British troops in the liberation of the villages on the left bank of the River Ourthe from the Germans during the Allied Ardennes counter-offensive between 3 and 16 January 1945.
The museum houses the largest collection of artefacts linked to the British troops who fought in the Battle of the Ardennes, including many rare, period vehicles, uniforms, personal equipment, heavy and light arms, in display cases and life-sized dioramas. The daily life of the soldiers during the battle is captured in a superb collection of photographs.

La Roche Pottery Centre
See how potters used to make traditional earthenware pots and learn about the use of earthenware through the ages. The La Roche Pottery Centre’s modern displays show all the stages of the process from the earth to the table. Visitors can experience the gestures, sensations, emotions and smells of the everyday lives of potters, bakers, butchers, apothecaries, lords and servants in La Roche. There is a reconstruction of a traditional potter’s studio.
Gift shop, Interactive exhibition about Ardennes ham, Audio-guide in 4 languages (French, Dutch, German, English), visit lasts around 1 hour.
A la carte restaurant serving local specialities.

For further information, please visit: www.gresdelaroche.be

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