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Museums & Galleries - Liege

Liege Museums will give you access to museums as diverse as:

The Museum of the Religious and Mosan Art, the Museum of Walloon Art, the Museum of Modern and Contempory Art and its Print Collection, the Ansembourg Museum, the Treasure of the Cathedral, and the baptismal Font of the St Barthelemy ‘s Church.

The Ansembourg Museum: In ancient Rome this Stylish patrician house was home to many aristocratic families. Today, it houses the Museum of Decorative arts which boasts an important collection of sculpted and inlaid 18th century Liègeois furniture. 

The Grand Curtius: Named after Jean De Corte aka Curtius (1551-1627). The Grand Curtius consists of an outstanding group of historic buildings dating from different times and displaying different kind of arts. This ensemble of museums gathers collections from Archeology, Mosan, decorative, and religious arts, as well as glassware and weapons.

Gretry museum: Belgian composer André Ernest Modeste Grétry was regarded as one of the greatest comic opera's composers. Here, the visitors can see Gretry’ s former home and admire some items including a piano and some furniture that were used to decorate home interiors at the turn of the 18th century.

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