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While Holland is renowned for its cycling, Belgium – the land that produced the legendary Eddie Merckx – is not far behind, and bicycles are an excellent way of exploring Wallonia main towns and cities.
Few visitors arrive in Belgium with their own bike, but in each of these centres there's an organisation dedicated to helping them.

Pro Velo was founded to promote cycling as a means of transport and discovery.
It's a non profit-making association which offers rental, maintenance, maps and guided city tours on two wheels.

In Brussels, for example, English-speaking guides lead themed excursions of between 3-4 hours. You can explore the city's finest architecture at pace, or delve into its unexplored corners, or check out its café society, comic-strip murals and Art Nouveau treasures, in a fraction of the time that it would take to cover the same distance on foot.

And being such a green city, Brussels has four long-distance cycling circuits of about 25km each during which you rarely come into contact with traffic. There can be few major cities around the world which can boast that.


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