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What you guys said about our destination :

Classic Car in SpaTravel Destinations

Just a short note to express my sincere thanks for your time & hospitality last week. We achieved a great deal in the short time we had in the Spa area and we can now start promoting the 6 hours classic car race this September and develop business with our different car clubs. This region is prefect for our clients who enjoy stress free drive in a scenic environment.

Andrew Melley - MD

Durbuy Golf Course

3D Golf

What was a fascinating journey across Belgium, i spent 4 full days re-visiting the region of Waterloo and discovering 3 new places: Mons, Marche en Famenne & Spa. Those 3 new hotel centres which are south and south east of Waterloo with 3 golf courses to visit in each region are charming towns have a lot to offer.

Spa and Marche are in the Ardennes region which is very picture postcard, hilly etc.
Mons is the closest and is as quick to access from Eurotunnel as Waterloo (2 — 2.5 hrs drive). Superb hotel choice and the nice thing is that they have good leisure facilities and very good value during weekdays.

Golf courses visited and contracting include 3 Tom Simpson courses, 2 Martin Hawtree courses and 1 Gary Player course to name six of the 9 I saw! Tremendous quality and very fair prices — 3 Royal courses to rival Royal Waterloo, all designed in the 1930s by Tom Simpson, including Hainaut, Sart-Tilman and Spa. The Five Nations and Durbuy were my best picks — Five Nations superb big course like Bercuit, whilst Durbuy is my favourite course in Belgium, quality and style of a Wentworth West or a Seignosse.
Found and stayed at the Dolce in La Hulpe — close to Waterloo with great art deco style infrastructure and finishings & the Royal Waterloo is now spectacular as it has just re-opened after 2 years of work from Cabell Robinson. All in all, i really enjoyed this educational and i am sure we will bring our clients there to enjoy it too!

David Sledmere - 3D Golf

Succes Tours in La Roche en Ardennes
                            Educational with Success Tours (14 GTO's) 
The hotel (Ibis Dinant) is in a fantastic location directed on the River Meuse and groups will enjoy the stroll along the river bank into the town itself. The excursion possiblities around are excellent and i particually enjoyed the Grottes of Han and the Bataille des Ardennes. The Annevoie Water gardens were superb and are a must as a half day visit for all groups that stay in Dinant. Tony Flanagan - Success Tours
We thought the whole area was extremely picturesque, not flat as a lot of people imagine it to be. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Grotto of Han and Les Jardins d'Annevoie. The guides were well informed and made the whole experience both enjoyable and interesting. They were our favourites but we also enjoyed the Topiary Gardens and the Museum in La Roche. The centre of the town of Durbuy was most attractive and the people very friendly. All in all it was an interesting and enjoyable experience. Norma Rhys — Group Travel Orgarniser

Educational with Action Europe (Wholesaler)

Castles and Gardens of the Ardennes

Modave CastleThe Belgian Ardennes will come as a great shock to anyone who has the preconceived notion that Belgium is a flat country with not much to do outside Bruges and Brussels. I recently took the opportunity of seeing this area in more detail and was very impressed with the quality and variety of product on offer. The Ardennes is an area of rolling hills and wooded river valleys. It is equally suited to Activity Breaks – walking, climbing and canoeing, Gourmet Breaks – great food and small breweries and for Coach Touring. We include some of the many gardens and castles – a remnant of numerous invasions over the years by Romans, French, Spanish, Dutch, Austrians (and more recently Germans). Chris Bligh — Action Europe

Educational with Coach Operators
Villers Abbey

"I never ceased to be amazed at the hidden gems Belgium has to offer. Tournai is a delight and an ideal place for either a weekend break or an overnight en route when travelling further into Europe and also as a lunch stop. It has a beautiful Cathedral and lovely town square surrounded by many restaurants. We had lunch at the Hotel Cathedral - they are very keen to increase business with the group market. The Water Gardens in Annevoie are also well worth including in an itinerary as is Villers Abbey . Thank you Belgium for keeping me informed and updated" Margaret Palmer - Palmer Coaches

"Villers Abbey is a hidden architectural gem, well worth seeing especially with an enthusiastic and knowledgable guide. Mons is not only an historic town, with strong World War I associations, but also of the present and forward looking, with a lively student population. No-one should miss rubbing the monkey's head for luck. Waterloo ? If you hadn't been before, or were confused by descriptions of the Battle of Waterloo, then even this short visit would made things so much clearer. Brussels Autoworld boasts an amazing collection of vintage cars in an amazing building, guaranteed to prompt nostalgic memories in all but the very young, even if you are not an auto buff." Mike Hardiman - Eagle Coaches

What you said about....

Water Gardens of Annevoie "... nice attraction especially for seniors, who can stroll around the gardens at their own pace and enjoy the peaceful setting ... " Heather Egerton - Leisure Breaks (Wholesaler) 

Tournai "Best visit we did. Train ride was great & easy for our clients - guide was fun & informative. Fantastic" Christina Salvatori - Albatross Tours (Wholesaler) 

Caves of Han sur Lesse "I think the place I enjoyed the most was probably the Caves, they were really interesting - when you actually think about the amount of years they have taken to form - its amazing! I also enjoyed the train ride to them" Eve Griffiths - Travelsphere

Waterloo "Wellington's headquarters in the village of Waterloo gave a fascinating insight into the mindset of the principals involved. The Panoramic picture at the battlefield site brought the noise, terror and horror of the actual battle to life. I would recommend including a visit to both in any itinerary to the area" Suzan Whale - Custome Line Travel

Water Gardens of Annevoie "I think it would be a good 2 hours (ish) stop, maybe have lunch/tea there. Could combine with a half day Dinant or Namur." Deborah Skinners - Skinners of Oxted

Namur "Good but Namur has always been one of my favourite Belgian cities. Lots of attractions in the area, good restaurants, easy access from motorway system. Good for overnights and longer stays. Good stopping off place (leave UK around lunchtime easily be in Namur for dinner)" John Barnett - JWB Travel

Mons "Very interesting visit - guided walking tour gave just enought information to keep everyone interested + the film show was good" Jennifer Gibson - Gibson Coaches

Eurostar "An experience to be repeated - very enjoyable way to start and end a tour" Margaret Gardiner - Angus Coaches Limited
"Good, on time, new experience for me, very interesting" Eve Griffiths - Travelsphere
"Absolutly brilliant. This was my first trip on board and I would recommend it to everyone." Jennifer Gibson - Gibson Coaches
"The service & friendliness was second to none.Very good end to the tour" Christina Salvatori - Albatross Tours
"Check in, travel, service etc.. all very good" Heather Egerton - Leisure Breaks

BeerInbev Brewery (Liege)
" The guide was really good, it was fascinating to see such a huge production and would certainly be of interest to business studies groups. So few employees to the number of machines. Would be interesting to combine it with a visit to a small family run local brewery. NB.Jupiler beer is very tasty!"

Nathalie Evans - Travelbound

"And now we all know how to make beer, good beer… Very interesting for our groups as even the kids would find interesting to see how the whole process is done."Maria Dias - Euro Academy

Blegny Mine (Liege area)

"Wow, what a moving visit. I wasn't looking forward to going to a mine but it ended up being one of the highlights of the trip. A really interesting tour, our guide added so much depth and humour to the setting (we were scared witless!) and his personal stories made this place really come to life. It is a fascinating visit for school parties. " Nathalie Evans - Travelbound
"Guide was perfect. The visit was very touching and a definate attraction I will put forward to our sales department. " Clair Brickell - Casterbridge Tours 

Hydro Electric Power Station (Coo)

"A very interesting subject matter, would be ideal for science and maths students. Our guide was very serious though and the film would have been too long if we'd seen the full version but overall, a recommended visit . " Nathalie Evans - Travelbound

"Definitely worth a visit, I learnt quite a lot from this visit. The guide provide visual aids to help tour which became very useful. " Clair Brickell - Casterbridge Tours 
"The actual visit was interesting, the guide spoke English. It would probably be good for groups who specifically study this area. Definitively a visit I would consider for my student groups. " Lucia Annicchiarico - Club Europe


"An important site for all visitors especially school parties. Our guide was very proficient, had perfect English and added little anecdotes to give flavour to the tour. The Panorama was old fashioned in style, but really set the scene in an audio visual context. The guide explained that when he guides school parties, he gets the pupils to reenact scenes of the battle to make it more fun!" Nathalie Evans - Travelbound

Jacques Chocolats (Eupen)

"Good factory, very interesting to see the production. " Clair Brickell - Casterbridge Tours

Autoworld (Brussels)

"Very nice visit of old cars from everywhere. This could be interesting for students and I will definitively include it in our excursions possibilities to check the response of groups. " Lucia Annicchiarico - Club Europe


Golf Courses across Southern Belgium Wallonia “Quality and variety of courses is crucial to the golf traveller and Wallonia offers both. It is also in the enviable position of being ideal for both the short break and long stay golfing holiday”.

Peter Walton, Chief Executive of the International Association of Golf Operators

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