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La Roche-en-Ardenne - Main attractions

The Mediaeval Castle of La Roche-en-Ardenne
The castle of La Roche-en-Ardenne, of which the ruins survive, dates back to the 9th century. The castle is built on a rocky escarpment. Enough Arrow-slits, dungeons and towers have survived to quickly transport visitors back to mediaeval times. From the castle, the visitors will have a superb panorama over the city and on the meanders of the River Ourthe.
Legend: Every evening in night closing, the ghost of Berthe, daughter of the Count of La Roche in 10th century, takes a walk on the walls of the castle to mourn its tragic destiny: thinking she is betrayed by his fiancée, she had sold her soul to the demon to be able to take revenge by drawing them away both in death.
Folklore: Every year from mid-July to mid-August, walking on the castle’s walls the ghost of Berthe appears to the public.

The Museum of the Battle of the Ardenne
The museum displays mannequins dressed as American, British, German and Belgian soldiers with their kit. It also contains military vehicles, documents, photographs, a series of diaporamas, light and heavy weaponry, personal belongings and equipment found on the battlefields near the town.
Must see: The Gun Room, the Veterans’ room, the Video with period photos of the liberation of La Roche-en-Ardenne, the Wall Maps large-scale showing the stages of the Battle of the Ardennes.
For more information please visit the Discover section of our website and click on Memorial.

The Animal Park
Located on the Deister plateau, the park contains red deer, wild sheep, pheasants, wild boars, wolves and farm animals. Accessible by tourist train, car or via the N4 waymarked footpath.
Address: 1, Plateau de Deister - 6980 La Roche-en-Ardenne.

For more information please visit: www.parcagibierlaroche.be

The Nisramont Dam
The dam is 116m long and 16m high and is subtly floodlit at night. The lake created by the dam is fed by the Western and Eastern branches of the River Ourthe and holds 3 million cubic metres of water. The outflow waterfall from the hydro-electric power station is floodlit at night, and there is a visitor centre with audio-visual displays open to the public.
Visitors can apply at the power station for authorisation to drive or walk along the road leading to the lake, which covers 47 hectares. Fishing, swimming and canoeing are allowed in the lake all year round, and there are 14km of public footpaths around the lake, as well as barbecue and picnic areas with covered tables and benches. There is a snack-bar next to the power station, serving drinks and snacks.

The Achouffe Brewery
A twenty-first-century brewery located in the pretty village of Achouffe. It brews “La Chouffe” a triple-fermented beer containing 8% alcohol, and “McChouffe” a Scottish-style brown ale containing 8.5% alcohol which is making inroads into the Scotch Ale market, traditionally dominated by the abbey beers, all year round. For a short period each year, it also brews “N’Ice Chouffe”, a very dark beer, flavoured with Curacao oranges and thyme. It is just what you need to get through the long, cold winter nights! Containing 10% alcohol, it is the strongest beer brewed at Achouffe.

Achouffe Brewery, 32, Rue du Village, 6666 Achouffe.
Visits Coordinator: Ms Carine Geerden
For more information: www.achouffe.be  

Museum of the Battle Ardennes Museum of the Battle of the Ardennes

La Roche Pottery Centre La Roche Pottery Centre

The Aisne’s valley tourist tramway
Whilst in the area of La Roche-en-Ardenne, why not to take a short drive to Erezée from where you can get on a tourist tramway to enjoy the nature.
The Aine's valley tourist tramway uses a section of a genuine second railways’ network. The railway station is endowed with all modern commodities including a cafeteria and a small museum. Vehicles, amongst which are some hundred-year-old carriages, will take you on a trip to the undulating green landscapes. Fields, forests, and rivers form the peaceful landscape along the railway.

The tourist tramway departs from the Pont d’Erezée (Erezée’s bridge), and calls at Blier, Amonines, and terminates at Forge A l’Aplez. The same callings will be made at the same stations for the return trip.
The single trip takes approximately 50 minutes.

Acces: Via motorway E25 (Liège - Luxembourg), exit 49 (Manhay) direction Erezée.
Or via route N4 (Brussels – Arlon), exit at Marche, then head towards Hotton and Erezée.


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