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The Three Valleys Steam Railways

Enjoy a 35 minute steam-train journey between Mariembourg and Treignes on the Three Valleys Steam Railways. 

In 1816, before the independence of Belgium, there were the first thoughts about making a Belgian Railway.

In 1925, the Belgian railways wanted to double the rail track between Mariembourg and Treignes.

Today you still can see some bizarre spots like the bridge next to the crossing line at Olloy and the beginning of the second perforation of the tunnel at Abannets. Nowadays, nature has reclaimed its rights and covers the entrance with vegetation. This track is called track 132 and in the archives of the SNCB (Belgian Railways), the track was used for the general public up until 29 September 1963. Track 132, which is 14km in length, travels through the valleys of "La Brouffe", "l'Eau Blanche", "l'eau Noire" and “le Viroin".

Very close to the North and the East of France, le Chemin de Fer à Vapeur des 3 Vallées is also accessible by train, using the line 132 operated with railcars by the SNCB (Belgian national railways) between Charleroi, Walcourt, Philippeville, Mariembourg and Couvin.

Steam Festival: A steam festival is held every year the last weekend of September. 

Go back by the time on board of a real steam train and travel through the "Three Valleys".

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